Cotton Linter Directly from the main source quality and quantitiy meets toghether Healty and Natural Living caring cosy living. 100% Cotton Linter For many purposes cosy living. 5000 tons a year continues production bulk produciton always
Working globally since 2001

Cotton Linter

Fine produced and processed cotton linter directly from cotton processing

5.000 ton / year production in Izmir facility.

Cotton Linter

Cotton linter Cotton linter, the short, fine fibers that cling to cotton seeds after the long fibers have been removed, is often overlooked in favor of its more prominent counterpart, cotton lint. However, this versatile material offers a range of unique properties that make it a valuable resource for a variety of applications.

Some of the key properties of cotton linter:

  • Exceptional Absorbency Cotton linter is renowned for its superior absorbency, making it an ideal choice for medical products such as bandages and gauze. Its ability to wick away moisture quickly and effectively helps promote wound healing and prevent infections.
  • Enhanced Filtration The fine fibers of cotton linter act as a natural filter, trapping impurities and contaminants. This makes it an essential component in various filtration systems, including air filters, water filters, and coffee filters.
  • Sustainable Alternative As a renewable resource derived from a natural plant, cotton linter offers a sustainable alternative to synthetic materials. Its production requires minimal processing and energy, minimizing its environmental impact.

Diverse Applications Beyond its primary uses in medical and filtration applications, cotton linter finds application in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Medical Products: Cotton linter is widely used in the production of medical products such as bandages, gauze, and surgical dressings due to its exceptional absorbency and gentle nature.
  • Filtration Systems: Cotton linter plays a crucial role in various filtration systems, including air filters, water filters, and coffee filters, effectively removing impurities from air, water, and beverages.
  • Textiles: Cotton linter can be blended with cotton lint to enhance the strength and durability of yarns and fabrics, resulting in longer-lasting and more resilient textiles.
  • Papermaking: Cotton linter contributes to the strength, absorbency, and smoothness of high-quality paper products, particularly in the production of writing paper, currency, and specialty papers.
  • Animal Bedding: Cotton linter provides a soft, absorbent, and comfortable bedding material for pets and livestock, offering warmth and insulation while promoting hygiene.
  • Composite Materials: Cotton linter can be incorporated into composite materials to enhance their strength, durability, and absorbency, finding applications in various industries, including construction, transportation, and aerospace.
  • Bioplastics: Cotton linter can be processed into bioplastics, offering an eco-friendly alternative to conventional plastics, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

We export cotton linter from Turkey to factories which are producing paper pulp, viscose filament yarn and viscose fibre in China.

Cotton Linter

Top quality cotton linter on continious supply.

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